Photo Gallery
3rd Platoon
Alpha Company
1st Bn 1st Marines

R to L. AJ Moore, Jack Kennedy with Starlight scope and unknown

Location? Approximate time frame?

Radio operator Dan Winkle on the way to Quang Tri

Two of our Corpsmen, Doc (Ski) Debezelewski and Doc Allen

Ludwig, Rushing, O'Donnel and sniper Shipman in Hue City

Back row Woody, Lugwig,Rushing, Eddie Cooper
front row Revellion, Bill Bishop 1/11 Arty FO in Hue City

On the road to the rock crusher after leaving Hue City

Happy Birthday Lt. Bohlen

Choi Hoi, OD and Lt Courtney with the M79 LZ Stud

Burning back the jungle around LZ Stud

First plane to land at LZ Stud, without a nose wheel

Terry Strassburg, Doc Allen and Jack Rushing waiting on LZ Stud for a hop to Hill 861

Waiting on LZ Stud for a hop to Hill 861

Alpha 3 on 861, Jack Kennedy, Gary Eichler, Dave Milne, Lt Bohlen and AJ Moore

Tunnel Rats on Scotland II

Lt Bohlen, Jack Kennedy, Gary Eichler, Dave Anthony after Scotland II