3rd Platoon
Alpha Company
1st Bn 1st Marines

On patrol south of the Ha Dong Bridge, in May of 1969. Top Row L-R:Duncan, Fifer, Cruise, Gonzalez & Angel. Bottom Row L-R:Corpman that got shot in both legs in Dodge City, Johnson Torres, Mike Seals & Red. Photo by Mike Seals

When I arrived in country in June 67 the company was just south of Hoi An south of Da Nang. Around the Sept time frame the company moved north to Quang Tri where we worked the area while the new airfield was being built. This is where Lt. Courtney joined the 3rd herd. The next move as I recall was to Con Tien, Hill of the angels, in mid November. We then returned to Quang Tri in mid December

After Con Tien we moved to Phu Bai where the 1/1 HQ was. Then in late January at the start of the Tet offensive the company went north to Hue City. From Hue City we went west to the rock crusher then back to Phu Bai. The next OP was opening the road to Khe Sanh. As I recall the Army was sweeping the road while the Marines worked the hills on either side of the road. We had a short stay in LZ Stud while they built a runway and then a helio lift to Hill 861. I rotated from there in July 1968.

I will link pics to as many of these places as I can, but could use help. Let me know if you can fill in or correct this account.

Jack Kennedy
Alpha 3 radio operator

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