Alpha Company
1st Bn 1st Marines
The Vietnam Years 1965 - 1971

Gunny Canley

Anyone who served in Alpha through 67-68 will know who this is. Our former company gunny/sgt Canley is being awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for His heroic actions in Hue City during the TET offensive.


Unfortunate we have lost two of our guys:

Eddie Cooper 1991 RIP Eddie

Mike mastrovito 2014 RIP Mike

We also lost one of Lt. Courtney's sisters

Julia Courtney Reagon 2018 RIP Julia

This site is by, for and about the Marines and Navy of Alpha company 1/1 during its stay in RVN. To really improve this account of our company requires input from as many of you as possible. If you have a picture, or more, that you would like to share send it along. If you have tales from your time in country that would also be appreciated. Feel free to contact me with corrections of any of the names or dates, or fill in missing information.

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Jack Kennedy

Time Line:

This time line is fairly complete and hopefully accurate. If find any errors let me know. If you served with Alpha before or after that time frame and can help fill in our time line it would be appreciated.

August 65 - 1/1 leaves Long Beach, CA aboard the USS Lenawee for RVN June 67 - Alpha HQ in Hoi An south of Da Nang
Sept 67 - 1/1 moves to Quang Tri south of Dong Ha running patrols in the hills     west of Highway 1 while the new airfield is being built
November 67 - Alpha moves to Con Thien
December 67 - Back to Quang Tri
January - Move from Quang Tri to Phu Bai.
January 31st, 68 - Alpha heads into Hue City at the start of the Tet Offensive
March 68 - Alpha operates to open the road into Khe Sanh and helps setup     LZ stud
March 68 - Alpha lands on Hill 861
May 68 - Operation Scotland II
Late June 68 - Alpha moves to Hill 558 and Delta takes over 861
Early July - Alpha moves back to Hill 861 in time for the 4th of July. Marine Corps style
July 68 - Alpha flies to hill 689 southwest of Khe Sanh to support Delta Co.
July 68 - Alpha flies to Phu Bai. The last Marines to leave Khe Sanh
Sept 68 Alpha moves south to Dodge City
Sept 68 Operation Meade River
Dec 68 Alpha back from Operation Meade River
April - May 69 Ha Dong Bridge security